Protecting Your Business

Why Is Hiring A Law Firm As Outside Counsel Beneficial To A Business?

There are many benefits to hiring a law firm as outside counsel. When we serve in the role of outside general counsel, we help companies put systems and procedures in place to make sure their contracts, processes, employee relations, vendor relations, and relations with landlords are legally compliant. This is a 30- to 60-day process that we call a “Business Tune-Up.” Through this process, we help companies increase revenue and reduce potential liabilities. Companies that use experienced outside general counsel generally find that the costs of the outside general counsel are far less than the increased revenue or liability savings, so it’s most often a benefit to clients.

Another benefit of using outside general counsel is that it is less expensive than having a full-time attorney on staff. Most small to midsize businesses don’t want or can’t afford the expense of a full-time attorney. When we serve as outside general counsel, we put in as much work as is warranted with the client. The fees are structured based on the situation and the client can pay as they go.

Additionally, hiring a firm as outside general counsel means that the company is not relying on only one attorney, but on a team of attorneys and professionals who provide a range of expertise (e.g. accountants, HR vendors, etc.). With our outside general counsel model, we offer two ways for clients to pay: on a discounted monthly subscription basis for a set amount of time each month or hourly as the time is incurred. The subscription option generally works out to a lower rate than the hourly option.

What Is The Scope Of Legal Counsel Your Firm Provides To Businesses?

We handle almost all legal business needs with the exception of tax and securities issues (and we can make appropriate referrals to attorneys or professionals who specialize in those areas). We can handle contracts, real estate matters, governmental issues, employment issues, partnership and shareholder issues, and more.

We have a team of attorneys with experience in a variety of areas so we can provide guidance on a range of matters. As employee-friendly as California laws are, we think it’s important for our clients to check with us before they change an employee’s salary, terminate them, or make any other material changes. By ensuring that our clients are aware of the nuances in the law, we can save them significant amounts of money and help them avoid lawsuits.

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