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Business Law FAQs

Let us answer the questions that you have regarding business law. This is a vast area of the law that can have a lot of pertinent information that you should be aware of. Without the assistance of a professional, you may be at a loss. Contact Matthews Law Firm, Inc., and set up a consultation to get started and to gain the answers you may be unable to find on our site.

Business law is a confusing area for many people. Whether you are a business owner or other individual that has become involved in this area of the law, it is an extensive branch that can be hard to navigate without the same level of extensive training and experience that an attorney from our firm has gained. You may have a number of questions and by calling our firm or filling out a case evaluation form, you can gain those answers. We offer insight to some common questions that our clients may have, but if you are unable to find the answers here then do not hesitate to call us directly. With more than two decades of experience, we have worked extensively in business law and have a broad comprehension of many of the areas that our clients’ cases extend to. Read more about business law below. Being informed in these situations is critical since a lack of understanding can lead to both time-consuming and costly setbacks.

What is the purpose of mediation?

Disputes that require the need to go to court can be extremely costly and time-consuming. It is easy for these situations to drag on and leave those involved dealing with them for an unknown length of time. Because of the difficulties that can be faced, many individuals or businesses choose to go the route of mediation. This allows for the disputing parties to work together in hopes they will come to an agreement or resolution outside of court, while working with the professional guidance and advice of a skilled attorney. While it is not the same situation and need as those in court, an attorney can provide great benefits for those looking to prevent their case from requiring further legal intervention. They can also seek to make sure their client is not taken advantage of or given a solution that will prove less than satisfactory later down the line.

What can I do if a contract has been breached?

A contract is a legal document in which parties make a sort of promise or commitment. More than just giving your word, a contract is binding. Unfortunately, they are not always kept and a party may attempt to override the terms that have been agreed upon. Contracts can be critical to the health of a business and its operations. Most businesses will be parties to many contracts for varying purposes. When a contract is breached, legal action may need to be taken to hold the breaching party liable to what was agreed upon. It is important to maintain at least a copy of the contract since without it there may be insufficient evidence that an agreement existed. Damages may be sought for the breach of contract in many cases for the purpose of putting the non-breaching business or individual to the position they would have been in had the breach not happened.

Do I need an attorney?

Not everyone necessarily needs an attorney, but the better question to ask is how an attorney can help. Many people try to handle their cases on their own, believing that a professional is too expensive and looking to avoid the cost. In the end, many of these people actually hurt themselves by failing to work with a lawyer that may have gained them far better results than they could accomplish on their own. The advantages and end result of working with a skilled legal professional can outweigh the cost in many cases. With more than 20 years of legal practice, we have been able to gain a significant amount of understanding of cases and an intricate knowledge of business law. We use this knowledge to protect our clients’ interests and offer as much alleviation as we can in the difficult situations they may face. Don’t let trying to save in one area, hurt you far more substantially in the long run.

Why hire a business attorney?

Business law is complicated, including any type of litigation that involves a business-related dispute. If you are an individual taking legal action against a business, or a business owner who is facing a lawsuit, consult with an attorney right away. Matthews Law Firm, Inc., may be able to work toward a resolution on your behalf, utilizing our knowledge and experience in this area to increase your chances of a beneficial outcome. There is a lot at stake in your case, which is why you need to contact our firm today. We are prepared to assist you with your business law needs.