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Outside General Counsel Services We Offer For Your Business

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to have your business operating smoothly in terms of overall legal concerns and compliance. Also, as a person operating a business, you may have several attorneys on your contacts list to help with different legal matters when they come up. For instance, you may have a separate attorney for employment issues, business litigation, contract disputes, and collection issues. However, having a different attorney for each legal need may not be ideal. If various conflicts with a dispute are occurring, a business owner may be consumed by the process of communicating with all attorneys involved and possibly getting them all on the same page of a dispute. But, having an outside general counsel to help, handle or manage your business affairs can save you from the headache of dealing with different types of attorneys who work within the business and commercial sector.

Our legal team at Matthews Law Firm, Inc., offers outside general counsel to businesses and companies seeking various business legal solutions within one firm. We work closely with our clients and gain an in-depth understanding of their business to better serve them and their interests.

As your outside general counsel, we can help with the following:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Compliance matters
  • Employment matters
  • Litigation
  • Business formation
  • And more

Business Formation

Developing a business is something that many people dream of but only a few actually go through with. The formation of a business is a critical time, and for the longevity of the business, it should be done correctly. Business formation can also include the legal aspects when a business is restructuring for any number of reasons.

Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes may sometimes require the assistance of a skilled negotiator or legal representative. From common nonpayment disputes to evictions or severe problems, we represent the best interests of landlords or tenants. We develop legal solutions and strategies to advocate for their rights or reach agreements.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders, or stockholders, are people who legally own one or more share of a private or public corporation’s stock. There are many types of disputes that can arise between shareholders, including disputes against the corporation issuing the stock, disputes with shareholders who are believed to be breaching fiduciary duty, and disputes involving minority shareholder rights.

General Information:

Insurance Disputes

When running a business, insurance can be relied up on in difficult situations. For a company that has been paying each month they can be surprised to find out just how difficult it may be to gain compensation. Insurance disputes are a common problem that many face, and legal action is often necessary.

Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

Those who are looking to pursue a business endeavor must first be sure that their legal rights are protected. Hiring a business attorney from the outset will ensure that your business has the greatest chance of success and will help to avoid contract disputes and other serious legal issues in the future.

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