Protecting Your Business

Representing Your Best Interests In Shareholder Disputes

Matthews Law Firm, Inc., has represented the rights and best interests of business owners and stakeholders from business formation to dissolution. We also provide legal representation services to stakeholders in shareholder disputes. We understand the potential long-term impact disputes may have on a business and its reputation and longevity, which is why we will strive to protect your business, rights, finances and assets.

Working with our firm as early as possible when a dispute arises can positively impact your case. We have the experience inside and outside the courtroom to make a case or mediate a solution that could be beneficial for all parties involved. Your business is unique, and so are the solutions and counsel we provide to address your current legal concern.

Proactive Legal Defense Of Shareholders

We help shareholders throughout Southern California protect their rights in complex and very high-risk matters, including potential misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty or disagreements among shareholders. We know what is at stake when conflicts arise in a company, which is why we commit to meticulously handling your case.

Some examples of the cases we take include:

  • Disputes around profit-sharing among shareholders
  • Malpractice and lack of transparency in the handling of accounting records
  • Failed mergers and acquisitions or those that were improperly valued or evaluated
  • Shareholders disputes involving a potential violation of rights by majority shareholders

All stakeholders are expected to act in good faith and protect a business’s finances, assets, transactions, operations and other shareholders’ assets. Let us guide you in making informed decisions and look for solutions that could benefit the parties involved or put together a strong case for you to go to court.

Call To Work On Legal Strategies To Protect Yourself

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