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How Can Disputes In Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreements Be Minimized?

Disputes arising from real estate purchase and sale agreements can be minimized by having an experienced professional draft your contract. It is vital to know what you’re signing. Some people sign contacts believing they can later change the terms or get the other side to bend a little bit, however, you can’t necessarily count on that. Parties should negotiate the deal they want ahead of time. Don’t try to renegotiate it later unless the circumstances have changed.

If circumstances have changed (i.e., perhaps the property isn’t what you thought it was), then perhaps a price reduction is in order. If you’re the seller, there might be certain factors that prompt a higher sales price such as a delay by the buyer in closing escrow. In that situation, a higher price may be warranted in exchange for a longer contract term.

What Will Hiring Your Firm Do To Protect Our Interests In The Purchase Or Sale Of Real Estate?

Our firm is familiar with those issues that can derail real estate deals. As such, we’ll work hard at the contract drafting or review stage to identify these potential issues and avoid or mitigate them. Most contracting parties are not trained to identify these issues. When we are retained, we will sit down with our clients and utilize all of the legal tools available to protect their interests.

Also, having an experienced attorney in your corner will often cause the other side to back down from a position or compromise in ways they otherwise might not have.

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