Protecting Your Business

Firm Overview

With the number of lawsuits and claims filed on a daily basis, having the legal support of a seasoned and trustworthy business attorney is critical. Many business owners face bankruptcy or other financial ruin when they endure a tough legal situation. Businesses that lack the proper legal counsel expose themselves to numerous risks. At Matthews Law Firm, Inc., we are dedicated to protecting the rights, finances and interests of every client. We understand that running your business is your top priority, which is why we believe it’s our duty and obligation to safeguard your legal interests.

We take appropriate legal measures to solve your specific business concern. Whether you have a contractual, collections, compliance, employment or asset protection issue, our firm is prepared to help. We also assist clients with matters concerning loans, real estate, partnership and shareholder disputes. If you need legal assistance with a business dissolution or other commercial transaction, we are here to help. With more than 30 years of experience in business law, our firm is prepared to assist with all of your business matters.

We have successfully defended clients in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial collections
  • Fraud
  • Real estate litigation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

Regardless of what issue you may be facing, we have the knowledge and legal expertise to fight for your case. Our firm is always prepared to handle a matter in the courtroom or negotiate a settlement outside of it. If you need assistance with any business-related issues or find yourself in the middle of a business dispute, let our firm provide the legal support you need.

Why Hire Our Law Firm?

Resolving these disputes can take up valuable time and money that you need in order to run and expand your business. With our cost-effective solutions, we may be able to help you settle disputes quickly and efficiently. Our firm will work vigorously to protect your rights and personal interests. When you enlist our services, we are prepared to fight all of your legal battles on your behalf. We provide one on one attention, ensuring your goals and objectives are being pursued. We always put in the appropriate amount of time and effort when facing business law challenges. After consulting closely with you, we suggest the appropriate steps to obtain a desirable resolution.

When necessary, we team up with top-notch investigators, consultants and forensic experts to ensure optimal results for our clients. Our firm’s primary goal is to provide high-quality legal services for a fair and reasonable price. We welcome any opportunity to help clients fight for their corporate rights. When the future of your business or your family’s financial well-being is on the line, don’t settle for second best. To find out how we may be able to assist with your legal concerns, contact our firm today.