Protecting Your Business

What Are The Most Common Types Of Business Disputes That Your Firm Typically Handles?

We handle almost every type of business-related dispute, with the exception of those involving tax or securities law. We have significant experience handling breach-of-contract and collections matters involving companies that aren’t being paid what they’re owed, and real estate disputes including purchase and sale agreement issues. We also handle disputes among business owners, partners, shareholders, and LLC members, and we represent employers that are being unfairly targeted by employees and predatory labor lawyers.

Who Do You Represent In These Cases? Do You Work With Both Large And Small Businesses?

We’re a business-to-business firm, so we generally represent owners of LLCs, corporations, and startups. We represent the gamut of company sizes.

What Are Some Examples Of The Types Of Clients That Would Hire You For Business Litigation Needs?

We recently represented an LLC member who was being unfairly taken advantage of by the other LLC members and helped him collect what he was owed and stopped the improper conduct by the other LLC members. We represent shareholders of corporations who encounter issues with how the corporation is governed and/or disagreements regarding how the corporation should be run. Unfortunately, sometimes these types of disagreements result in litigation. We also represent businesses that are targeted by predatory employment lawyers. Since the laws are very employee-friendly in California, there are many employee-focused law firms that try to recruit low-wage, non-English-speaking clients to sue employers. In most of these cases, the employer being sued has not actually done anything wrong.

Our firm also focuses on commercial collections, including a large dairy co-operative that sells to companies like Wal-Mart and Kroger, as well as restaurants and bakeries which, in light of COVID-19, have suffered losses, fallen into arrears, and become unable to pay our client. In addition, we represent tech companies on a number of fronts including dealing with collection issues and enforcement and negotiation of contracts. We have also represented a number of businesses and individuals that have been sued and had a judgment entered against them; since we know how to handle these cases from the collections side, we also know how to play defense and protect our clients’ interests.

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