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Business litigation options when a partner leaks company data

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Business Litigation |

In the dynamic landscape of business, trust and confidentiality are the foundation of any partnership. Unfortunately, there are instances when a partner breaches this trust by leaking sensitive company data.

Whether a leak is intentional or accidental, business owners must be aware of their litigation options. Protecting your interests and seeking appropriate remedies are necessary actions for long-term business health.

Direct negotiation and resolution

Initiating a direct conversation with the erring partner is often the first step in resolving data leaks. Open communication may help address misunderstandings or disputes that led to the breach. Clearly outlining the consequences of their actions and seeking a resolution through dialogue can sometimes prove effective.

Mediation services

If direct negotiation proves futile, engaging a neutral third party through mediation can be an alternative. Mediation services provide a structured platform for both parties to express their concerns and work toward a mutually agreeable solution. This approach can save time and costs compared to lengthy court proceedings.

Injunctive relief

Seeking injunctive relief is a powerful legal option to halt the dissemination of leaked data. This involves obtaining a court order that prevents the partner from further disclosing or using the confidential information. Injunctive relief can act as a swift and effective measure to protect the company’s interests.

Lawsuit for damages

Filing a lawsuit for damages is a traditional but potent course of action. This involves taking the matter to court to seek compensation for any financial losses incurred due to the data leak. Providing evidence of the damages suffered is central to building a strong case for a favorable judgment.

IBM reports that data breaches, including leaks, cost businesses an average of $4.45 million. While not every leak will result in such devastating damages, the fact remains that you deserve compensation when a business partner acts to harm the company in such a potentially catastrophic way.