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The importance of having a partnership agreement in writing

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2024 | Business Litigation |

In business, partnerships can lead to success by combining skills, resources and ideas. However, partners must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

A written partnership agreement ensures this clarity and prevents misunderstandings.

Defining roles and responsibilities

According to Forbes, 70% of business partnerships fail. A partnership agreement outlines the duties and obligations of each partner. It specifies how much time and effort each partner will contribute. It also details how the partners will share profits and losses. When partners understand their roles and financial stakes, they can work together more effectively.

Resolving conflicts

Conflicts can arise in any partnership. A written agreement provides a clear procedure for resolving disputes. This helps partners avoid damaging their relationship and the business. Without a written agreement, partners might face confusion and prolonged conflicts.

Streamlining decision-making

Decision-making processes become more straightforward with a written agreement. The agreement can specify how the partners will make decisions. This prevents disagreements and ensures efficiency. Partners will know when they need to consult each other and when they can act independently.

Managing changes in the partnership

A partnership agreement also addresses changes in the partnership. It includes provisions for adding new partners or if a partner decides to leave. This ensures that the business can continue smoothly despite changes in the partnership. Without a written agreement, such transitions can become chaotic and disrupt the business.

Clarifying financial matters

Financial matters are important in any partnership. A written agreement can include details about capital contributions, profit distribution and how to handle business expenses. This financial clarity helps prevent disputes and ensures that all partners feel fairly treated.

Protecting the business

A partnership agreement also protects the business in case of unforeseen events. It can outline what happens if a partner becomes incapacitated or dies. This protection ensures the continuity of the business and provides stability for the remaining partners.

Before entering into a partnership, the partners should consult with an experienced business attorney to help draft a written partnership agreement.